Choosing a Leopard Gecko for Sale

by David Lowbridge

Our available Leopard Geckos are pictured below. Each Leopard Gecko for sale is listed with a current photo, their morph, gender if known, an identification number and price. Prices are from £50.00 dependent on the Leopard Gecko morphs.

‘Sunglow’ Super Hypo, Tangerine, Tremper Albino, Carrot Tail
Leopard Gecko Female
leopard geckos for sale
Leopard Gecko Female
Mack Snow Ghost Jungle
Leopard Gecko Male

Here at DJL Exotics we only sell UK Leopard Geckos we have produced. David and Helen are experienced, licenced Leopard Gecko breeders and are happy to answer any questions you might have about keeping leopard geckos. We also offer life-time support.

Choosing a Leopard Gecko is an exciting time. Leopard Geckos (eublepharis macularius) are a popular pet lizard and make a great pet for both beginner and experienced reptile keepers. Each Leopard Gecko for sale has a different personality and we can tell you more about their characters on enquiry.

The care for leopard geckos is easy and straightforward, we have a full care guide you can read as well as other information about their care in captivity. Leopard Geckos are inquisitive friendly reptiles that respond well to life as a pet.

Your Leopard Gecko will be healthy, eating a variety of live food, a good weight and be used to being handled daily.

Leopard Geckos Available To Reserve

Here are our Leopard Geckos that weigh between 8g and 12g. They are healthy and growing well so can be reserved now.

leopard geckos for sale
Eclipse, poss Red Stripe het Bell Albino
Leopard Gecko
‘Creamsicle’ Mack Snow Super Hypo
Leopard Gecko
Mack Snow Ghost
Leopard Gecko

Choosing a Leopard Gecko for Sale

Our Leopard Geckos for sale are all healthy and eating various live feeder insects. They all weigh at least 12g before being made available to go to their new home.

You can reserve a Leopard Gecko when it is over 8g. Those available to reserve will be ready in 1-4 weeks time depending on their weight.

Our Leopard Geckos receive daily care, attention and handling. We are happy to answer all your questions about any of our Leopard Geckos and their care.

We have an AAL Animal Activities Licence, equivalent to a pet shop licence! This licence involves a rigorous assessment and inspection. To receive this, you have to demonstrate a specific level of animal care. We are really pleased to have achieved this success.

If you would like any more information on any of the leopard geckos for sale, get in contact. We can provide you with more information such as hatch date, character, weight, parents etc.

If you would like to find out more, make a reservation or purchase any leopard gecko you can email , message us on Facebook or phone on 01255 675876.

Leopard Geckos – Reserved

Mack Snow Ghost
LG02CB22 – Reserved
Mack Snow Jungle
LG06CB22 – Reserved
Jungle het Bell Albino, het Eclipse
LG09CB22 – Reserved

After contacting us about a baby Leopard Gecko you like you can arrange to place a non-refundable deposit of £20, or pay in full, for your Leopard Gecko. All payments are taken online through PayPal Business, which offers you Buyer’s Protection. You do not need to have a PayPal account, any credit or debit card can be used.

If you are collecting, you can arrange a date and time to collect your new pet reptile. If you would like a courier, we can check the cost to your location with our DEFRA registered courier. We will arrange the courier and you can pay the extra for the courier at the same time as paying the final amount.

All final payments must be made prior to collection/courier.

If you have a Leopard Gecko on reserve awaiting courier or because it is not 12g yet, we will send weekly photos and updates. These can be sent via email or through Facebook.

What Leopard Geckos Morphs do we Breed?

As an experienced Leopard Gecko breeder, we are proud of our geckos. Our adult Leopard Geckos are part of our family.

Our main focus is producing healthy, friendly and confident babies. However, we do have breeding groups that offer a wide range of morphs. We currently breed Mack Snow, Ghost, Jungle, Eclipse, Bold, Tangerine, Hypo, Tremper Albino, Bell Albino, SHTCTB, red stripe and Super Mack Snow (occassionally). Here are some examples of different morphs below.

leopard gecko sale
Jungle Mack Snow Ghost
Bold stripe mack snow
Mack Snow Bold
leopard gecko baby
Jungle het Bell het Eclipse

We feed our Leopard Geckos mealworms, crickets, and locusts. This varied diet ensures our Leopard Geckos are healthy with the nutrients they need for healthy growth and long life. In addition, it also helps anyone who adopts one of our Leopard Geckos to feed them whatever live food they choose.

Supplements are also essential for leopard gecko health.

If you’re looking for a fun, loveable pet reptile, then the leopard gecko is one of the best choices. To find out more about caring for a leopard gecko, then look at our Leopard Gecko Care Guide. We also regularly update our blog.

All images are taken in natural light, where possible, or under white LED lights (mainly in the winter). We make no adjustments to the photos to make them as realistic as possible. Every leopard gecko for sale has a photo taken on a weekly basis, though sometimes this is not possible (i.e. they’re in shed).

Are you interested in a leopard gecko for sale that is listed above? Then contact us via phone, Facebook or email now.

Stephen Grinyer
Stephen Grinyer
Don’t go anywhere else if you’re looking for a leopard gecko, DJL Exotics is the place to go. Excellent customer service and support, and they care about their geckos, unlike some breeders or pet shops that only care about their profits. Our gecko has been a welcome addition to our family and has such a great personality, he’s curious and loves to hunt his food. Thank you so much David and Helen.
Nova Jarratt
Nova Jarratt
Thoroughly impressed and happy with Helen and David's service! Got my first little gecko (now named Loki) last week who was delivered to me Via Courier. Got here super chill and in amazing health. He's still settling in a bit but he has gotten used to me and is eating well. He's a little feisty boy and a mischievous one aswell. Both Helen and David were super helpful in giving me loads of info about him and organising a courier for him to be delivered to me. Would highly reccomend DJLExotics! Thank you so much Nova, Brandon and Loki💛
Sam Dinnage
Sam Dinnage
We bought our first ever geckos from David and both girls were settled and eating well within the first week. He has always been happy to help with any queries that we have had with regards to their health and welfare, and always within an hour of our messages. Were we to have more room we would definitely have more from this breeder.
gary peter coward
gary peter coward
I can not recommend DJL Exotics enough they are absolutely brilliant any questions i had David and Helen would help me with and recommend things to help me. Me and my daughter absolutely love the gecko's we got and can not thank them enough for holding them for us till her birthday. I will definitely use them again in the future there knowledge is absolutely brilliant thanks again David and Helen
Danielle Prentice
Danielle Prentice
Fantastic service and advice from start to finish. A beautiful baby gecko to join our home.
Kip Walsh
Kip Walsh
This week my family and I have decided to get back into being a Leopard Gecko owner. After searching around for a breeder who had stock available and knew what they were doing, we came across DJL Exotics. After some excellent communication with David and Helen over Facebook Messenger, I was able to go and pick up our new addition today. Upon arrival, due to Covid regulations, I met David outside the residence where he handed my new addition. I had already paid via a very professional Paypal business invoice so nothing to hand over on my side. I spend the next 15 minutes talking to David who was really knowledgeable and gave me some great advice - around feeding, habitat, handling etc. I left with all the information I needed including a really nice touch of a card with their details on as well as the details of my Gecko - including DOB, Parents details, and morph type - kind of like a dog pedigree. I am 100% happy with my experience with DJL exotics, and have no problem at all recommending them. In fact, if we decide to get additional Geckos, these would be the only team I go to. I also like the fact that their website is up to date within minutes (mine marked as sold when I paid within minutes) and that when choosing which gecko to take, they were able to tell me all about her temperament as well as age / weight etc. Great job!

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