Leopard Gecko Size – How Big Do They Get?

Leopard geckos are one of the best reptiles to welcome into your family. They’re hardy, friendly and interactive. They also don’t get too big, but how big do leopard geckos get? What is the ideal leopard gecko size? Here is a quick and short answer to those questions.

Leopard Gecko Size – Length

Length is one of the key ways to measure leopard gecko size. Generally speaking, a leopard gecko female can reach sizes of up to 20cm or just under 8 inches when fully grown at 12 months.

Compared to female leopard geckos, a male is likely to be larger at up to 28cm or 11 inches long.

However, these are the highest levels. Most tend to be slightly smaller.

Still, this is significant growth from when they first hatch, when they can be just a couple of centimetres small. When they’re that small, it can sometimes seem like a miracle to grow as large as they do.

Leopard Gecko Size – Weight

Leopard gecko size as a hatchling is about 3g or 4g, though we’ve had hatchings between 1g and 5g. The one little one that hatched at 1g in the 2021 season survived, thrived and quickly grew to catch up.

Weight is the measurement you’re looking at when monitoring the health and age of a leopard gecko. Females are mature when they reach about 45g, but ideally, they should weigh between 50g and 80g.

Males should weigh between 60g to 80g but can be slightly higher, getting to weights of about 90g.

What Influences growth?

Many factors can determine the growth of a leopard gecko and it’s final size. What the gecko eats and the frequency of feeding are two elements. Ideally, feed leopard geckos under six months every day. After this, reduce their feeding schedule to roughly five out of seven days until they reach about 45g.

When they’re mature, feed leopard geckos every other day. By doing so, you will prevent excessive weight gain. Weigh your Leopard gecko regularly and adjust their feeds accordingly. Leopard gecko activity levels can vary widely.

Another factor can be genetics. One gene is the Giant gene. The giant gene appears to be a co-dominate gene as there are super giant leopard geckos that can grow to more than 110g!

Final Word: Leopard Geckos Size – How Big Do they Get?

Leopard geckos are popular pets that remain small. A normal-sized gecko can grow to about 20cms long and around 60g to 80g. So they can be housed in a modest enclosure. We recommend at least a three-foot vivarium or enclosure. You can read more about our set up suggestions here.

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