Terms and Conditions of Adoption

by David Lowbridge

Welcome to the DJL Exotics

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Our animals are brought up in a family environment with regular attention throughout the day and we keep care records.

We have some terms and conditions to ensure the best for our animals and to ensure consistency with our adoption process. Our terms and conditions are as follows:

1. Don’t be offended if we ask lots of questions. We’re only trying to ensure the best match for you and the animal.

2. Please be courteous with all messages to other members of the community and ourselves.

3. Due to Facebook rules, we can’t openly advertise any animals that are available on that platform. We will state who has been born/hatched and you can enquire about their availability via PM, phone or email on Facebook. Animals will be listed on our website.

4. Any animal that you wish to offer a home to will need a reservation. Regardless of the final fee, the non-refundable deposit is £30. This must be paid within 24 hours of letting us know of your intention to adopt. This is to be paid via PayPal Business (you can use a debit/credit card with PayPal, you don’t need an account).

5. If you need to book a courier, we do this for you. We can provide you with a quote when you enquire.

6. All courier fees must be paid when reserving the animal. The courier fee may be non-refundable depending on the courier rules.

7. If you need to change your courier date, this may come at an additional cost. This is based on the courier rules, not our own.

8. Final invoices for remaining fees are sent out on the 1st of the month of the courier run or collection. Please ensure payments are made prior to the collection date.

9. Once reserved, we send regular image updates for you. We will give you more details about this at the time.

10. We guarantee the health of the animals for 48 hours after collection.

11. We do allow couriers for any member of the collection. There is an additional cost which will depend on your location and the specialist courier. We do not courier outside of the UK at present.

12. Guinea Pigs and Skinny Pigs leave for their new home with records, hay and a week’s food.

13. Reptiles will leave for their new home with health records.

14. We are happy to provide all details of current supplies used for the care of any of our animals.

15. We reserve the right to reject any prospective owner. The welfare of the animal must come first.

16. Please ensure that you have the correct setup for the animal prior to collection. If you have any questions please let us know.

17. If you need to change a collection date, please let us know as soon as possible. This is to prevent the animal from being placed in a transport box unnecessarily. The earlier the warning, the smaller the chance there is of an addition courier fee.

18. Due to current restrictions with Covid-19, we can’t offer viewings. We can offer video and additional photos. Collections area also under strict Covid-19 secure processes.

19. We offer video calls as part of our service, so you can see your potential new family member in a live video.

20. We take no responsibility for third-party actions, advice or products.

21. Please note that the legal age for buying an animal is 18.

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