The Natural Diet of a King Snake

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King snakes are one of the best snakes to keep in captivity. They show a high level of interest as companions and are great handlers. And as a snake, they’re great eaters. Other snakes like ball pythons and boas can go on hunger strikes that can be frustrating, but king snakes are not likely to refuse a meal.

But what is the natural diet of a king snake? Here is a quick overview.

The Name Says It All

King snakes get their name from their feeding nature. They’re known to eat a wide variety of their diet. They can, for instance, feed on anything that they catch, including insects, snakes, reptiles, eggs, birds, rodents, and more. They are known to kill and eat venomous snakes, which makes them a hardy species.

Some research has found that the natural diet of a king snake only has a small proportion of rodents in it. King snakes are more likely to eat other snakes, even of the same species.As long as they can swallow their prey, they will eat the item.

What Do King Snakes Eat in Captivity?

In captivity, we feed king snakes rodents, such as mice and rats. They will generally eat any rodent that is the appropriate size.  Some individuals might feed other items, such as Reptilinks or day-old chicks.In some zoos or other commercial settings, they might feed them other snakes, especially those that have recently died in other collections. But this is rare in captivity.

Final Word: The Natural Diet of a King Snake

King snakes are an excellent species to keep in captivity. They love their food and are great handlers. The natural diet of the king snake is varied, but in captivity, you can rely on a rodent diet. Most of the time, king snakes won’t refuse a meal.

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