What do Crickets Eat?

Crickets are a staple live food for leopard geckos and other captive reptiles. However, they don’t live for long without some basic care. And the nutritional value of the crickets is improved when you feed them the right food. In this article, we look at basic care for crickets and ask what do crickets eat?

Are Crickets Bad for Reptiles?

One of the common myths surrounding crickets is that they carry harmful pinworms in their digestive tracts. These, once they enter a leopard gecko or other reptile, can cause serious illness.

The truth is far different. While crickets can carry pinworms, these are usually the wrong species. Different species of pinworms are designed to live inside different organisms. So reptile and invertebrate pinworms are different.

One study of five commercially bred crickets found there was limited risk of pinworm. Pinworms are usually the result of poor husbandry, rather than infected live foods. However, that doesn’t mean that live foods can’t carry parasites. It is always a risk.

Keeping Crickets Alive

Keeping crickets alive for longer is important. Therefore, you’re just as much responsible for the care of the crickets as you are for your reptiles. The first thing to do is to take them out of the small plastic boxes you get them in. Use a cricket keeper box or a plastic fish tank with a good lid.

Once inside, feed the crickets. Try using foods like carrots, cucumber, and salad items.

Don’t use grapes. For some reason, crickets seem to get stuck in grapes and die.

Don’t use bug gel for hydration. They can get all the moisture they need from the food items you provide. Bug gel can increase the humidity too high and kill your crickets quickly.

Additional Benefits of Feeding Your Crickets

One of the additional benefits of feeding your crickets is that you’re adding nutritional value to the crickets. Therefore, your reptiles are going to be healthier. A wide range of food items will increase the vitamins and minerals you’re providing to your reptile, so try to provide your crickets with a varied diet too.

And try to remove any crickets that have perished quickly.

Final Word: What do Crickets Eat?

Crickets will eat a wide range of foods. But when using them for live foods, it is best to use a combination of fruits and vegetables as this provides them with maximum nutrition and moisture to keep them alive.

With the right care, you can keep crickets alive for a long time, which means you can buy your crickets in larger numbers, reducing the cost. Or you might be able to learn how to breed them, helping you to be more self-sufficient.

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