How Long Can a Corn Snake Go Without Food?

Snakes are notorious for going on hunger strikes. The slightest incorrect husbandry and some species (ball pythons especially) can decide to stop eating. We’ve talked before about the reasons why a snake might not feed. However, many wonder what the risks are during a hunger strike. Corn snakes might go off food, but it is rarer. So in this article, we will ask how long can a corn snake go without food.

Why Does a Corn Snake Stop Eating?

There are numerous reasons why a corn snake might stop eating. Some of the common reasons include environmental, while others are related to health. Here is a quick list of some of the reasons:

  • The vivarium is too hot/cold for the reptile.
  • The corn snake doesn’t feel secure in the enclosure and is scared.
  • Food items (mouse/rat) aren’t prepared properly.
  • It’s breeding season.
  • The female is about to lay eggs.
  • Snakes can refuse food when about to shed.
  • If they feel ill (parasites, respiratory infections, and other conditions).
  • It is the wrong time of day.

How Long Can a Corn Snake Go Without Food?

When a hunger snake does start, it can be a worry for keepers. But luckily, most hunger strikes are for a relatively short term. Some will last just 2-3 weeks. However, some will last longer.

But snakes are experts at surviving this long without food in the wild. Many can go six to nine months without any ill health. What is important is to ensure that they’re not losing weight. If after a month they’ve lost 10% of their weight, then you should consult a reptile vet.

Getting a Corn Snake to Feed Again

Corn snakes aren’t known for being challenging to feed. Gumball our male is such a good feeder if there is a spare mouse it is usually him (or one of the female hognoses) that he will gladly take the mouse to save it from being wasted.

To encourage feeding, it is good to stop handling and instead try to optimise the conditions inside the enclosure. You might need to move your snake into a smaller enclosure, or perhaps move them into a different room where they can feel more secure.

Or if there is an illness, get them healed before attempting a feed again.

Final Word: How Long Can a Corn Snake Go Without Food?

How long can corn snakes go without food? Your corn snake should be okay for months without food. As long as it isn’t losing weight. This provides you with plenty of time to change things around to make your snake more comfortable without having to panic.

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