The 5 Best Pets for Flats

best pets for flats

When you live in a flat, you might not have enough room for a large dog or a rabbit, but there are some best pets for flats that you could consider. In this article, we look at the pets you might want to welcome into your home when you live in a flat.

Which Pets Are Best For Flats?

The best pets for flats will still require plenty of space to exercise and enjoy enrichment but they will need significantly less space than others. For example, you might be able to offer a small toy breed of dog an ideal home, especially if you enjoy regularly walking every day but you’re unlikely to provide an energetic or large breed, like a collie or dalmatian enough space.

Similarly, you might be able to keep a cat in a flat, but you would have to provide plenty of play options. Some people offer secure balcony enclosures for exercise, but you would struggle with a pair of cats or a cat that has previously been able to roam outside. Other animals that are not ideal for flats are rabbits that require a significant amount of space to exercise, as do guinea pigs, tortoises, and some snakes. Fish also do better with larger tanks, so are also not ideal.

So which animals make the best pets for flats?

Hamsters & Gerbils

Both hamsters and gerbils are ideal pets for flats. They will still need a generous-sized enclosure to ensure they have enough space to exercise. Both hamsters and gerbils have different requirements, so you will need to research their care carefully before deciding which would best suit you. For example, while hamsters are generally solitary, gerbils must be kept in groups. They can both make affectionate and rewarding companions.

Leopard Geckos

Leopard geckos make for wonderful pet lizards. They can become very attached to their owner or family. A 2-foot vivarium is sufficient, so they are one of the best reptiles to consider if you are short on space. If you can offer your leopard gecko a larger vivarium then that is always ideal. However, medium-sized lizards, like bearded dragons, can’t be kept in a 2-foot, so these are not ideal for a flat. If you buy a leopard gecko from a reputable breeder who handles the reptiles from hatching, then your leopard gecko will likely enjoy coming out for exercise too.

Best Snakes for Flats

If you are considering a snake as the best pet for a flat, then either a Kenyan Sand Boa or an African House Snake are ideal options. Males of both species are also significantly smaller than females, with both reaching about 1 foot in length, so a 2-foot vivarium would be ideal. You could also keep them in a RUB set up with lots of decor and enrichment which can make for a home they enjoy.

Invertebrates for Pets

African Land Snails, like this small baby, are one of the best pets for flats
African Land Snails, like this small baby, are one of the best pets for flats

It is a good idea to consider an invertebrate for a flat pet. Children are particularly fascinated by Giant African Land snails. They are fun to feed, interactive, and do not require a significantly large enclosure. Other great options are Vinagaroons and jumping spiders. Both can be kept in terrariums and make for fascinating pets.

Can I have a Pet in a Flat?

Having a pet can be extremely rewarding, and there is certainly no reason not to have a pet in a flat. There are some great options, including hamsters, leopard geckos, and Kenyan Sand Boas, to name a few. You will need to ensure you can provide them with the space they require to be happy and have the time to care for them. If you would like to find out more about keeping reptiles, feel free to contact DJL Exotics for advice. We’re more than happy to help

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