What is an Enchi Ball Python?

enchi ball python

There are many different morphs of ball pythons. Morphs describe a genetic variation in ball pythons that produce a particular colour, or pattern and can also affect appearance. You are likely to have come across the enchi morph as it is a very common morph. But what is an enchi ball python and how does it affect their pattern and colour? In this article, we explore the enchi ball python morph.

What is an Enchi Ball Python?

An enchi ball python is a royal python with a different colour and pattern than normal ball pythons. The gene is known as an incomplete dominant gene or co-dominant mutation. This means that it only requires one gene, from either the mother or the father to display visually.

The enchi gene intensifies the orange pigment on the ball python and brightens side patterns with a golden/bronze/yellow colouration. Their dark colours are more chocolate. Enchi ball pythons have brighter yellow stripes through the eyes and blushing on the crown of the ball python’s head. Enchis become brighter as they age.

Enchi ball python’s patterning tends to be reduced as well. The tail is similar to the normal ball python but has more of a golden colouration.

What is the Super Enchi Ball Python

Because enchi is a co-dominate morph, there is a super form of the snake. This occurs when the individual has two copies of the gene, one from the mother and one from the father on both alleles. The super form has a more intense yellow colouration and reduced patterning.

Super enchi ball pythons are very striking and bright.

Where is an Enchi Ball Python From?

The original enchi ball pythons were found in the wild and a male and female were paired to produce both enchi and super enchi hatchlings. Enchi is a natural colour and pattern enhancer and this morph is named after the African region in which the original enchi snakes were found. And it is also one of the most common morphs. At the time of writing this article, there were 603 enchis and 36 super enchis available on MorphMarket, in the UK. 

How Can Enchi Be Combined with Other Morphs?

Enchi is part of an 8-morph complex with other morphs. This can be interesting for breeding. If you were to pair cinnamon with an enchi. There’s a chance the hatchlings will get both genes. However, if you then breed the enchi cinnamon to a normal, you will get either enchi or cinnamon hatchlings. But you will not get a normal.

Enchi is great for enhancing other morphs. Spotnose in particular becomes enhanced when combined with enchi. It also works very well with the clown morph.

How Much Does an Enchi Ball Python Cost?

Enchi pricing starts from as low as £45/£50 as there are many of them available and they are not particularly striking compared to other morphs and combinations. There are also quite a lot of them available. 

The cost for a ball python depends on the breeder’s experience, reputation, and appearance of the snake. 

At the time of writing, the highest priced enchi was £4000, this combination was an enchi, asphalt, specter, clown, and a stunning-looking ball python.

Are there any Health Risks with the Enchi Ball Python?

No, there are no known health risks with either the enchi ball python or the super enchi.

Final Word: What is an Enchi Ball Python?

An enchi ball python is a striking snake and a morph that enhances colours and reduces patterning. While some can be very cheap, buying ball python individuals from a reputable breeder is always best.

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