What is an Axanthic Western Hognose?

axanthic western hognose

Western Hognoses are popular pet snakes, often with inquisitive and friendly natures. One of the appeals of the western hognose is their variation of colours and patterns, otherwise known as morphs. So in this article, we look at one of these, the axanthic Western hognose

What is an Axanthic Western Hognose?

An axanthic Western hognose is a different colour from a normal or wild-type Western hognose. Axanthic Western hognoses are easily one of the most easily recognised. The axanthic gene removes the yellow and red pigment from the scales. Therefore, the hognose takes on a black, grey, and white colouration.

They will have black eyes and the colour tends to lighten or fade as the Western hognose grows. 

The morph is created with a recessive gene, so it needs a copy of the gene from both parents to display. If the individual only has one copy, it will not display, but it will be known as a het axanthic.

Another axanthic gene is the arctic, which tends to produce Western hognoses that are also shades of grey but with a little shade of brown to them as well.

How Can An Axanthic Be Combined with Other Morphs?

When mixed with the conda gene, the Western hognose will have a reduced patterning with single spots, then a super conda axanthic will reduce that patterning even more to almost no pattern or a thin line down the back.

When mixed with albino you will get snows which is a white Western hognose with faint grey spots. Adding one conda reduces the pattern, and this is known as a yeti. Then there is the super conda form which is known as the super yeti.

Many combinations for axanthic Western hognose can make really pretty combinations and the axanthic is also stunning on its own.

How Much Does an Axanthic Western Hognose Cost?

The cost of a Western hognose depends on the breeder’s experience, reputation, and the quality of the morph. Hognoses with great heritage will often cost more. A Western hognose with just the axanthic gene will cost about £80 to £100. When the morph is combined with other morphs the price can increase to well over £1200 or even £2000.

Are there any Health Risks with the Axanthic Western Hognose?

There are no known health risks with the Axanthic western hognose. Though for those who are thinking of breeding axanthic, we highly recommend breeding a visual to a non-visual.

Final Word: What is an Axanthic Western Hognose?

The axanthic Western hognose is a very beautiful snake. Their colouration is admired and you can be sure that they will be a great addition to any family. If you want to know more about Western hognoses, you can check out our care guide here.

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