What is a Bell Albino Leopard Gecko

A Radar (Eclipse Bell Albino Leopard Gecko)

Albinism within leopard geckos often covers three types, Tremper Albino, Bell Albino, and Rainwater Albino. We’ve spoken previously about the Tremper Albino leopard gecko, but in this article, we will look at the Bell Albino leopard gecko and what makes it different and unique from the other strains.

What is the Bell Albino Leopard Gecko?

The Bell Albino leopard gecko discovered by leopard gecko breeder Mark Bell has several features which are very similar to the other albino morphs. The body is often a lighter colour when hatched, with Bells having a more unique brown spotting. Some breeders notice there is a lavender tint to the body.

The eyes of the Bell Albino leopard gecko tend to be a light pink colour which is the biggest difference between the albino breeds, but it is not a foolproof way to tell the difference between the morphs.

Can the Three Albinos be Bred Together?

While some might think that breeding any albino to albino might result in another albino this is not the case. All three strains of Albino are different genetically and all recessive. Therefore, to breed another albino you need both parents to at least carry one copy of the same strain (therefore they need to be at least het) for the baby leopard geckos to have a chance to display any albino features.

When breeding any other albino to another the hatchlings will all be normal. And mixing the three albino strains is very frowned upon.

However, there are times when this has happened, normally when one breeder has been misinformed as to what albino morph they’ve been given.

Genetic Issues with the Bell Albino Leopard Gecko

Some say that all forms of albino have sensitivity to light. However, while some forms of the Bell Albino, like those who have an eclipse eye, do suffer from some sensitivity, the results with Bells are often far less. Tremper Albinos tend to be more reluctant to be in the light but Bells are happier in the light.

The reason for this could be because for some unknown reason some Bells hatch with black irises that gently turn red over time. This could suggest that their eye structure is slightly different from others.

The Potential of the Bell Albino Leopard Gecko

There are plenty of combinations for the Bell Albino leopard gecko. One common combination is to mix bell albinos with eclipse. A successful double recessive combination is known as a Radar. Radars are very popular. In this combination, the eyes go full red and they tend to have a paler colouring to the body.

A Radar (Eclipse Bell Albino Leopard Gecko)
A Radar (Eclipse Bell Albino Leopard Gecko)

Another common combination is the Mack Snow and Bell Albino.

A final combination is to add eclipse, Mack Snow, and Bell Albino together. These hatch in striking colours.

Do Bell Albino Leopard Geckos Make Good Pets?

Any albino leopard gecko, or any leopard gecko, will make a very good pet. Leopard geckos are calm, handle well, and easy to look after. They’re the perfect beginner reptile for anyone, adults and children alike.

While albinos do need some consideration with lighting due to the sensitivity of the eyes, this can be easily managed, and most can self-manage their exposure to light. You can read our complete Leopard Gecko care sheet and other interesting articles on leopard geckos.

We also have a complete list of all the equipment you need for your leopard gecko. If you would like more advice, please feel free to contact us.

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