What Size Tank does a Western Hognose Need?

What Size Tank does a Western Hognose Need?

The Western Hognose is a very popular snake. Its unique appearance makes it look very cute and its size allows it to be kept in smaller enclosures than other commonly kept pet snakes and they tend to have few demands for care. One of the most common questions when it comes to keeping Western hognose snakes, is what size tank does a Western Hognose need? In this article, we will look into this.

Tank vs Vivarium?

One of the first questions that you need to ask is whether you’re looking for a tank or a vivarium. In our opinion, a vivarium is much more suitable than a tank. There are several reasons why the vivarium is one of the best options.

For one, tanks are made of glass. Glass is not always the best material for snakes to move on. Most other materials, like plastic and wood, have a surface that is imperfect and therefore offers at least a small bit of resistance for the snake to move on. However, glass is normally completely smooth, which offers no resistance, making it more challenging for a snake to move.

While it is best practice to have substrate, it wouldn’t take much for the snake to push your substrate to one side and then have a space that is just glass.

The second problem is that glass is more insulating. Therefore, it takes more energy to keep your snake happy and warm.

Finally, tanks are harder to secure. Therefore, it is more likely that your snake could escape from a tank. Snakes are very adept at escaping, especially if they’re hungry or feeling insecure.

That is why we tend to recommend that any snake is kept in either a RUB or a vivarium.

What to Consider About Vivarium Size for a Western Hognose Snake?

There are many aspects to consider when you want to know what size of the enclosure to provide your Western Hognose. Those considerations are:

1. The Size of the Western Hognose

The length of the Western Hognose, like all snakes, is one of the main contributions to the size of the enclosure. At a minimum, the length and width of the enclosure should be the same as the Western Hognose. But this is the minimum.

We prefer, for most snakes, to allow the snake to stretch across the enclosure diagonally. Again this is a minimal requirement, and if possible, snakes could be offered a larger space. But there are other considerations.

2. The Personality of the Western Hognose Snake

Just like humans, all snakes can have different personalities and preferences. Some will prefer smaller enclosed spaces, others will prefer to be larger expanses where they can explore much. We have a female that we tried to give an upgrade to and give her much more room. Even though there were plenty of hiding spots and clutter in the enclosure, she hated the new enclosure.

We had a male who we tried to upgrade and he refused the next three meals. As soon as he was put back into his old enclosure, he started to eat again. But we have also had western hognoses that have been upgraded and not minded.

So it does always seem to depend on the snake’s personality. Interestingly, the two snakes who didn’t like more space are the ones who are hissier.

3. Heating/Humidity Control

If you’ve got the availability, more space is better in most cases, but there is also the ability to control temperatures and humidity within the enclosure. Snakes, like all reptiles, have specific care requirements. When you have an enclosure that is too large, it can be harder to control the temperature and humidity within the enclosure.

As mentioned before, glass is one of the hardest to maintain the temperature in.

Though these problems can be fixed. You will need better heating and more humidity equipment, luckily, most hognoses prefer a drier environment.

Final Word: What Size Tank does a Western Hognose Need?

What size tank does a western hognose need? Well, the answer is a little more complex than just a number. There are minimum sizes and we prefer to use wooden vivariums or plastic rubs than glass tanks. However, ideally, the best size is always the largest that you can offer that the snake is comfortable in.

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