What is a Pastel Ball Python?

What is a pastel ball python?

When it comes to base morphs of the ball python, few could be included in the morph mix as the pastel. But what is a pastel ball python and what does it do to the pattern/colour of the snake? In this article, we look at the morph and how it can be used.

What is a Pastel Ball Python?

A pastel ball python is a royal python that has a different color and pattern from normals. The gene is known as an incomplete dominant gene or co-dominant mutation. What this means is that it only requires one gene, from either the mother or the father to display.

The pastel gene intensifies the yellow pigment on the ball python, but the intensity can vary depending on the snake. The snake might also have high blushing, green or pale eyes and they might also have white lips. White lips are a very rare trait with this morph, so it is not a reliable indicator, and one with white lips is often worth more.

The color intensity will fade with age. They will also have faded heads when they hatch, but the head fading will tend to darken as the snake gets older.

The pastel tends to have a very clean belly.

What is the Super Pastel Ball Python

As a result of being co-dominate, there is a super form of the snake. This is where the individual has two copies of the gene, one from the mother and one from the father. The super form has a more intense yellow colouration, and this tends to be retained.

The individuals will also tend to have a far more reduced pattern with a faded head and very extensive blushing that can appear to be purple at times.

Super pastel ball pythons can be very striking.

Where is a Pastel Ball Python From?

Pastel ball pythons can be found in the wild, and there are still those that are found in their natural habitat. Therefore, this is a natural color and pattern enhancer. And it is also one of the most common morphs. At the time of writing this article, there were 1500 pastels available in the United Kingdom and 12888 in the United States.

On MorphMarket, there are more individuals with pastels in them than there is wild-type.

How Can Pastel Be Combined with Other Morphs

One of the advantages of pastel is that it can be used to enhance other morphs to make more striking and unique ball pythons. For example, the combination of pastel and pinstripe makes a Lemonblast. A super pastel and pinstripe create a superblast.

There are so many combinations that are available that pastel is typically a base morph that is usually used in any breeding project.

How Much Does a Pastel Ball Python Cost?

Because there are so many pastel ball pythons, usually their cost is pretty low. Some pastels can cost as little as £20, though this is a significantly low price. However, you can also get some pastel ball pythons that cost £200.

The cost can depend on the breeder’s experience, reputation, and appearance of the snake.

If you buy a pastel ball python that has any other morphs or traits, the cost can rise significantly. A Redhead Spotnose GHI Pastel Clown individual in the UK costs £7,500.

Are there any Health Risks with the Pastel Ball Python?

The pastel ball python has no known health risks. Both the standard and super forms are known to produce healthy babies.

Final Word: What is a Pastel Ball Python?

A pastel ball python is a very striking snake that has a morph that has enhanced colours and patterns. While some can be very cheap, the best individuals are always more expensive and come from a reputable breeder.

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