Why Is My Gecko Turning White?

Why Is My Gecko Turning White?

When you first get your Leopard Gecko home, you’ll want to ensure it is comfortable and happy. A routine for your leopard gecko is an ideal way to help your leopard gecko settle and learn what to expect from you. You can choose a time that suits you and your gecko; morning, late afternoon and early evening are ideal times to spend with your leopard gecko as they are a crepuscular species which means they are active at dawn and dusk.

However, you may be concerned when you first see your gecko change colour and ask yourself, why is my gecko turning white?

What Does it mean when a gecko turns white?

When a gecko starts to turn white or goes a very pale colouration, it’s shedding. The outer skin layer turns white as it comes away from the leopard gecko. Leopard geckos shed their skin weekly as babies and every three weeks as adults. As babies, shedding is more frequent as the Leopard gecko is growing.

What Happens When My Gecko Turns White?

During shedding, the outer layer of the skin comes away to reveal the new layer of skin beneath. As well as tuning a dull colour, your leopard gecko might hide away more than usual or spend time in the moist hide. A moist hide is essential for Leopard geckos to have an easy and healthy shed and prevent any skin from getting stuck.

Your leopard gecko might tear the skin away from the body or use a rough item like cork bark to help them shed. Your Leopard Gecko will eat the skin so you are unlikely to find any shed left behind. Some Leopard geckos are secretive when shedding, while others will be more visible, so you may or may not see the process happening.

How Will I Know My Leopard Gecko Has Shed?

When your Leopard Gecko has gone from a white or pale colour and suddenly appears a lovely bright colour, you will know that your leopard gecko has had a shed. You should check toes, head, eyes, and tail to ensure all the shed has come away cleanly.

What Problems Might There Be?

If there is any stuck shed you can remove this gently with a wet cotton bud. If it does not come away easily you can soak your Leopard Gecko in shallow water while supervised to help loosen the stuck shed. Observe for another 24 hours to see if it naturally comes away. A persistent stuck shed may need advice from your Vet.

Be sure to check your leopard gecko setup to ensure there is a more humid area to help them shed next time.

Will My Leopard Gecko Turn White Again?

Your gecko will shed every week as a baby and every three weeks as an adult. Get ready to take some lovely photos post-shed when your Leopard Gecko looks their smartest!

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