Where To Buy a Leopard Gecko for Sale

Deciding to welcome a new leopard gecko to your family is such an exciting time. When you have researched their care and planned their set up you will want to begin looking for a leopard gecko for sale

You might have a great leopard gecko supplier near you or wish to look further afield. Specialist reptile couriers are licensed to transport leopard geckos throughout the UK so this will widen your options.

So where is the best place to purchase a leopard gecko?

Leopard Gecko Breeder

Leopard gecko breeders are a great place to start. Some breeders have websites with lots of information about their breeding plans and setup. A good leopard gecko breeder will have thorough knowledge of the leopard gecko’s genetics and parents, they should confirm that the leopard gecko is healthy and also be able to provide you with lots of up-to-date photos and videos. 

At DJL Exotics we handle our leopard geckos daily so they are used to being handled which is great if you are new to leopard gecko keeping. A breeder who is licensed is also a great option as they have had to go through rigorous criteria to achieve the certification.

Exotic Pet Shop

Your local exotic pet shop is licensed to sell reptiles so this is a great start when looking for a leopard gecko for sale. Look for an exotic pet shop that breeds its leopard geckos or works closely with a breeder with expertise. You should still be able to find out about the morphs or the leopard gecko and their hatch date.

Online Marketplace

Using an online marketplace, such as Morphmarket to find a leopard gecko for sale is an option. You can find lots of leopard geckos looking for new homes. There are a variety of advertisers here. You can find Reptile shops, leopard gecko breeders, and hobby breeders. 

Make sure you choose a leopard gecko bred by someone with experience as this is a good way to ensure a leopard gecko with healthy genetics. Ask for recent photos and a video, many sellers on Morphmarket will be happy to do this for you. You can see reviews here as well.


Choosing a Leopard gecko for sale as a new pet is a big commitment so take your time finding the right supplier for you and choosing the right individual. Leopard geckos make great first pets with a great setup and care. Have fun choosing your new leopard gecko!

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