Are Leopard Gecko Tanks a Good Idea?

If you are planning to offer a home to a pet leopard gecko, then you will want to know the best enclosure is for a leopard gecko. You might be asking ‘Are leopard gecko tanks a good idea?’ 

If you are considering a leopard gecko tank, this article goes through the advantages and disadvantages and the other available enclosure options.

What is a Leopard Gecko Tank?

There is not a specific leopard gecko tank or one designed for reptiles. When we think of a tank, we are generally referring to a fish tank. Some people choose to convert a tank into a leopard gecko home, but there are some considerations. 

The tank will need to offer ventilation which can be achieved with a mesh top. You will also need to work out how to safely add a thermogradient with either a heat mat and thermostat or a ceramic heat bulb and thermostat overhead. 

A tank can be challenging to access, especially for children. In the same way, they are also more challenging to clean, and moving them to a cleaning area can be very difficult too.

Other options for a Leopard Gecko Tank

A terrarium is specifically designed for reptiles and resolves some of the issues that can be found with adapting a tank. They have mesh lids and front openings for better access and have inlets for wires, so can be easily used with a heat mat and thermostat.

They are a good option practically, but not all reptiles enjoy the coldness of the glass. Some owners have great success with the terrarium-style enclosure but a vivarium is better insulated with three wooden sides, so you might wish to explore this option instead. 

A final option is the RUB option and a 33-litre RUB is a minimum for an adult leopard gecko. These are reasonable options, generally used by leopard gecko breeders. They are easy to clean and great for humidity and maintaining a good thermogradient.

How Big Should a Leopard Gecko Tank Be?

The more space you offer your leopard gecko the better. A 4 ft enclosure is great, while a 3 ft is ok, and 2 ft in length is the minimum. You should provide hides and enrichment to ensure the enclosure is suitable and enjoyable for them.

Final Word

If you are considering getting a pet Leopard Gecko, then you will need to plan its setup and care. A leopard gecko tank is an option if you would like to repurpose a tank you have, but there are some challenges with this option. Otherwise, you might want to consider other options, such as a terrarium or vivarium. What enclosure do you keep your leopard gecko in? Let us know in the comments.

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