Where Will Your Leopard Gecko Stay When You Go on Holiday?

by David Lowbridge

If you are thinking about welcoming a new pet leopard gecko into your family, you will want to ensure you can care for your pet in all circumstances. You might ask ‘Who will take care of my leopard gecko when I go on holiday?’This is a great aspect of care to consider before buying a reptile. If you have somewhere safe for your leopard gecko to stay when you are away where they can receive a great standard of care, then this will also help if you are ill, for example. In this article, we look at your options for leopard gecko care when you are away on holiday or unable to take care of your pet for any reason.

Family, Friends, or Neighbours

An arrangement with friends, family, or neighbours is a great option and you can plan for this. You might have a friend who cannot have a full-time reptile but would occasionally like to look after one, or know of a family that your children are friends with that would enjoy taking care of a reptile for a week or two. 

A Temporary Holiday Home

You can use a RUB setup as an affordable holiday home. A 33ltr is the best option. You will need to drill several holes in the sides to allow for airflow. Drill holes at the top on one side and at the bottom on the opposite side for good airflow. An alternative option is to use a large plastic terrarium. Try and find one with plenty of room for your leopard gecko to move around.You can then use your decor from your leopard geckos viv, or if these are heavy, purchase some plastic hides. The setup will need a heat mat with a thermostat but again you can use the one in your viv. 

Ensure They Have Everything Your Leopard Gecko Needs

Try and make it as easy as possible for friends and family. It is much easier to use a scoop for mealworms than catch crickets if you have not done this before! Also, use paper towels so it is very easy for the carer to remove soiled sheets and replace them. Make sure you provide them with a holding box to put your leopard gecko in when they clean them out and plenty of paper towels and the cleaning products you usually use.You will not need to pay friends and family but a gift from your holiday as a thank you gesture will be much appreciated!

Reptile Pet Shop 

You can sometimes find that specialist reptile shops will offer boarding services. This can be a good option if you don’t have any friends and family who can take care of your reptile. They will have a policy for care which you should review and you can ask them about feeding and care schedules. The advantage of pet boarding is that they will be registered to provide a particular standard of care. Your leopard gecko may not receive as much attention or it could receive a lot depending on where they will be kept in the store.Reptile boarding is usually charged at a daily rate.

Final Word

When you go away on holiday, you will want to make sure that you have someone happy to look after your reptile. This means they can provide daily water and food and make sure your leopard gecko is kept clean and has company.

Consider friends, family, and neighbours or your local reptile specialist as all good options. Make it as easy as possible for them and remember a thank you gift!

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